Prospector Co. began in 2010 as a collection of men's grooming products: no-shave to post-shave. With skin sensitivity in mind, seeing post-shaven skin at its most vulnerable, we approach product formulation with a simplified and understandable ingredients list. Encompassing something from a bygone-era in its presentation, scent, and small-batch manufacturing qualities, each product is meant to bring nostalgia and methodology to an otherwise dulled daily routine. Now, with products expanding into personal hygiene, home candles, shaving for women, and leather goods, we aren't just offering a tamer for the unruly beard, we strive to create a lifestyle around our original goal of creating wares with purpose.



Our products are produced in small batches by hand with careful consideration given to the ingredients that go into them. We are based in the United States. While our products are not categorized as all-natural, we aim to make them last by utilizing safe, naturally-derived preservatives, and our scents are made up of a complex blend of essential oils, not synthetics. We are always improving the quality of formulas and educate our customers on commonsense skincare when using them.