Will this product help my beard grow?

We don't advertise that it will and can't say that it can. The skin's surface cells around your beard could see softness and improvement. The best way to improve the growth of new hair is to exfoliate the skin, moisturize it with natural oils, and to allow nature to take its course. Some beards are more triumphant than others—depending on your own judgment of success.

Will this product leave my beard oily?

We've found in our own usage of the product as well as from the feedback of a great many users that our Beard Oil absorbs finely into the hair follicles and skin's surface underneath. Don't think of it like motor oil, but more as a beverage for the thirsty.

Do I really need to use this on my beard?

Would we ever say no? But, really, yes! You wouldn't go without washing the hair on your head, conditioning it should it get unruly or dry. A product tailor-made for the beard is essential.

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