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On History: The Future of the Past

TIMEPIECE — There are certain characteristics of buildings around town that scream out from their dying past, or perhaps their dying future. They are trapped like ghosts without a light to lead them home, with each brick chipping away as if to say I'm still here, like a dish flying across the room.
May 21, 2013 by Kyle Hinton
Tags: History

Wrapped up: Seasons Change

INSIGHT — It’s been only a few days short of a year since the last posting. It’s not that we haven’t had much to talk about, just the opposite. We’ve been excited to share our new products, stockists and overall growth and development since starting just over a year ago, just haven’t had the opportunity to put it into words and formerly give our thanks for the support over this past year.
November 14, 2012 by Kyle Hinton
Tags: Gifts

New Addition: Brummell Shave Creme

FANCY — In the first of our spring product line additions we're pleased to introduce the Brummell Shave Creme. We've experienced a lot of great shaves with every "almost-there" formula since we began the creme back in December and we finally feel that this formula is the best compliment to our growing line of products.
March 09, 2012 by Kyle Hinton
Tags: New Product

Wormwood Absinthium: Fantastical Foliage

LEGEND — When Degas depicted the beautiful blend of sadness and boredom in Ellen Andrée’s mindless gaze for his painting L’Absinthe, the mysterious plant composite had reached its height of hallucinogenic success. The little green filled goblet sitting in front of the actress was her poison of choice, like many Parisian bohemians of that time.
December 08, 2011 by Kyle Hinton
Tags: Ingredients