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Acacia Wood Shaving Brush


Acacia wood, with its long-lasting durability and a high resistance to water, make it a natural option for a shaving brush handle. The bristle is made from a superior quality, black fibre that takes on similar qualities of the badger hair. These fibers are long-lasting, present softness and less sensitivity to the dry-times and excess water that comes with daily use. Produces a superior foaming lather. Clean-up is easy and is a great option for vegan-shavers. Made in Germany. 21mm Size. Packaged inside protective branded tube.

Using only the highest quality materials and handcrafted detail, all of our brushes are manufactured in Germany, working with an 80-year-old, family-owned business. The superior performance and longevity gained from age-old techniques and modern engineering make for an heirloom-quality brush that “lifts” the shaving experience.