On History: The Future of the Past

- West Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia. 1946

TIMEPIECE — There are certain characteristics of buildings around town that scream out from their dying past, or perhaps their dying future. They are trapped like ghosts without a light to lead them home, with each brick chipping away as if to say I'm still here, like a dish flying across the room. Its façade will fade and soon its broken windows are boarded up and its once gleaming typography nodding to better times is broken away, leaving only a trace of the building it was once attached to underneath with a stained brick surrounding of the modern day.

Like so many towns throughout middle America, Savannah's past has chipped and faded. While tenants come and go, buildings along Broughton Street, Savannah's center for shopping and dining, remain the same, unclaimed. Even while occupied most buildings aren't being "lived in" and they certainly aren't free to share old stories with their daily patrons. Transforming historical architecture that is in any way not in keeping with the historical nature of the building seems to go against nature.

This September we are excited to bring about the Prospector Co. store. We'll be showcasing our brand to its fullest in our space on West Broughton Street in Savannah. We want to offer a sense of purpose in the experience of our shop as well as with the other fine brands that we are happy to share with our city. We hope to share stories in our building, with our city and our brand to more customers and achieve a stronger connection to the space that we're going to be apart of every day of the week.