New Addition: Brummell Shave Creme

FANCY — In the first of our spring product line additions we're pleased to introduce the Brummell Shave Creme. We've experienced a lot of great shaves with every "almost-there" formula since we began the creme back in December and we finally feel that this formula is the best compliment to our growing line of products. The all-natural composition of ingredients from fatty butters to organic argan oil makes for a very rich and smooth shave. Never have we experienced such a satisfying post-shaven luster and when preceded by Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil and finished off with either of our aftershave formulas, it's top-notch.

The fancy man behind the name, Mr. Beau Brummell may seem like an unlikely figure to personify its properties, given the solitary ruggedness of John Burroughs and the adventurous Peary & Henson duo, but in fact Brummell is perfect. The man brought something special to the men of his time period, an eagerness to keep up with his elaborate wit and dress. He also had somewhat of an obsession with maintaining his smooth-shaven face. His influence over the mens style and grooming domain still continues to inspire.