Gather Home + Lifestyle

We are often impressed by the care and attention our stockists give to their stores. From big shops in New York, to small retailers in Ireland, Prospector Co. products get the chance to be beautifully displayed around the globe. So we decided to open a little space to showcase these stockists, our partners, here at the Gazette. Maybe you'll even find Prospector Co. products are closer to you than you ever knew. This week we start with Gather Home + Lifestyle.
Gather Home + Lifestyle is a modern neighborhood general store located in Chicago, Illinois. The store carries a variety of goods, ranging from home decor, apothecary, print, ceramics, to accessories for men + women. Carrying most of our shaving and skin care range, Gather Home + Lifestyle perfectly embodies a neighborhood store. A great curation of goods is paired with top notch customer service, delivering a familiar experience even to first-time visitors. We talked to the owner, Ms. Kristen Basilo, to know a little bit about her choice to stock Prospector Co. and about her store.
"WAITING ON A QUOTE" This is where a little talk after the quote goes, placeholder text for now. In these modern days, tactile objects like stationary evoke that feeling to an even greater sense. It has been around for over eighty years and their rich tradition is reflected on the beauty and simplicity of their stationary line. It is a product that sparks a sense of history like few others do.
Next time you are in Chicago, be sure to stop by Gather Home + Lifestyle to appreciate the beautiful products and why not stock up on some Prospector Co. Beard Oil. Tell her the folks at Prospector Co. sent you.
Gather Home + Lifestyle / 2321 West North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60647