Ito Bindery

TRADITION — There is something quite ineffable about an object with history. A nostalgic feeling that you are holding something with a sense of purpose and place. In these modern days, tactile objects like stationary evoke that feeling to an even greater sense. Japan's Ito Bindery has been around for over eighty years and their rich tradition is reflected on the beauty and simplicity of their stationary line. It is a product that sparks a sense of history like few others do.
Ito Bindery pads are made in a bookbinding facility first opened in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan. The picture above, from January 1940 illustrated the brand's founder and his family. The label posses a rich history of a stern focus in delivering a real paper feel in it's MemoBlock's and Drawing Pad's. The edges are cut precisely and the silly satin paper make these blocks perfect for virtually any purpose you can think of. Recently winning the prestigious Good Design award in 2010 and being stocked in MoMA's Store, these products have gathered a cult following worldwide.

It is safe to say that the Ito Bindery range exudes everything we believe in: fantastic craftsmanship united to a timeless design that doesn't do away with its roots. Quality stationary is something we will always stand-by, and Ito Bindery undoubtedly produces one of the finest around. We are proud to carry Ito Bindery's entire range in our flagship store in Savannah. Be sure to stop by and check it out.