Grapefruit Lemon Peel Hand Wash

While we spend hours sweating the details of our packaging, what is inside the bottle is what truly matters. With this PCOWHATSINSIDE series we attempt to showcase the nuances and characteristics of the ingredients we use for our formulas. Some come from tried and true origins, while others are innovative and unique even to us. Below are the five key ingredients we use in our Grapefruit Lemon Peel Hand Wash.
DISINFECT — Our unique pairing of Grapefruit and Lemon Peel naturally disinfects the skin and invites a clean warmth into your kitchen or bathroom. Grapefruit has been long know to be naturally antimicrobial and a well-documented antioxidant that will help protect your skin cells from the effects of free radicals. The addition of Lemon Peel, which contains a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fiber, adds a crisp scent to the overall disinfecting mix. 
DEODORIZE - Lavender was a clear choice when formulating our hand-wash for its signatures scent and anti-inflammatory properties. Blending Sweet Orange with the Lavender brings natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deodorizing properties to your palms.
EXTRA — Something beyond ordinary, we added Patchouli to our ingredient mix in this hand wash. Patchouli is a bushy herb of the mint family with a and strong scent that adds a rare earthy musk to the powerful citrus scent. The combination of these five powerful ingredients make for a rather handsome upgrade to your hand wash.