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On History: The Future of the Past

- West Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia. 1946

TIMEPIECE — There are certain characteristics of buildings around town that scream out from their dying past, or perhaps their dying future. They are trapped like ghosts without a light to lead them home, with each brick chipping away as if to say I'm still here, like a dish flying across the room. Its façade will fade and soon its broken windows are boarded up and its once gleaming typography nodding to better times is broken away, leaving only a trace of the building it was once attached to underneath with a stained brick surrounding of the modern day.

Like so many towns throughout middle America, Savannah's past has chipped and faded. While tenants come and go, buildings along Broughton Street, Savannah's center for shopping and dining, remain the same, unclaimed. Even while occupied most buildings aren't being "lived in" and they certainly aren't free to share old stories with their daily patrons. Transforming historical architecture that is in any way not in keeping with the historical nature of the building seems to go against nature.

This September we are excited to bring about the Prospector Co. store. We'll be showcasing our brand to its fullest in our space on West Broughton Street in Savannah. We want to offer a sense of purpose in the experience of our shop as well as with the other fine brands that we are happy to share with our city. We hope to share stories in our building, with our city and our brand to more customers and achieve a stronger connection to the space that we're going to be apart of every day of the week.

History | 05.21.2013

Wrapped up: Seasons Change

INSIGHT — It’s been only a few days short of a year since the last posting. It’s not that we haven’t had much to talk about, just the opposite. We’ve been excited to share our new products, stockists and overall growth and development since starting just over a year ago, just haven’t had the opportunity to put it into words and formerly give our thanks for the support over this past year. Our growing team is eager to share our new product developments with you and continue to provide the products that many of you have shared with us to be your favorite. Thank you to our faithful restockers, the inquisitive seekers, the storytellers who helped spread the word and to the stores who’ve helped present the line where we could not, in your own special ways.

At Prospector Co. our new season will be forever start in Autumn and for this one we’re bringing in some gift sets to help make your shopping list a little easier. We’ve consolidated our line into groupings that have been specially packaged and wrapped, taking in the details of handwritten notes and original old photographs. The full-size groupings are discounted from their regular price and the Mini Sample Package (shown above) is a whole new set for us. These little minis are just like the full-sizes, only smaller. New sets will release periodically and we encourage you to take a look if you’re still thinking about what to get that special someone.

Prospector Co. Gift Sets. Available in multiple varieties.

Gifts | 11.14.2012

New Addition: Brummell Shave Creme

FANCY — In the first of our spring product line additions we're pleased to introduce the Brummell Shave Creme. We've experienced a lot of great shaves with every "almost-there" formula since we began the creme back in December and we finally feel that this formula is the best compliment to our growing line of products. The all-natural composition of ingredients from fatty butters to organic argan oil makes for a very rich and smooth shave. Never have we experienced such a satisfying post-shaven luster and when preceded by Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil and finished off with either of our aftershave formulas, it's top-notch.

The fancy man behind the name, Mr. Beau Brummell may seem like an unlikely figure to personify its properties, given the solitary ruggedness of John Burroughs and the adventurous Peary & Henson duo, but in fact Brummell is perfect. The man brought something special to the men of his time period, an eagerness to keep up with his elaborate wit and dress. He also had somewhat of an obsession with maintaining his smooth-shaven face. His influence over the mens style and grooming domain still continues to inspire.

New Product | 03.09.2012

Wormwood Absinthium: Fantastical Foliage

- Artemisia absinthium LINN.

LEGEND — When Degas depicted the beautiful blend of sadness and boredom in Ellen Andrée’s mindless gaze for his painting L’Absinthe, the mysterious plant composite had reached its height of hallucinogenic success. The little green filled goblet sitting in front of the actress was her poison of choice, like many Parisian bohemians of that time. Even though the drink wreaked havoc on its drinkers, it has built up a steady stream of modern day liquor drink copycats, profiting from its fantastical history.

According to the Ancients, Wormwood counteracted the effects of poisoning by hemlock, toadstools and the biting of the seadragon. The plant was of some importance among the Mexicans, who celebrated their great festival of the Goddess of Salt by a ceremonial dance of women, who wore on their heads garlands of Wormwood.

Prospector Co. Wormwood Absinthium Cream. Available in 8 oz. and 1 oz. bottles.


Ingredients | 12.08.2011

Burroughs Beard Oil

INSTINCT — November's no-shave initiatives are at their peak. Beards around the world are rejoicing and thanking you for going natural, even if it's just for a month. Most will shave it off while others will embark on a new lifestyle, centered around what will become a plush thatch of fur growing around their face. There's no better time to take this journey, with Winter just around the corner and the Burroughs Beard Oil to aid you, every millimeter of the way.

Prospector Co. Burroughs Beard Oil. Available in 1 oz. and 0.5 oz. bottles.

#PCOWHATWEUSE | 12.07.2011